Enjoy Worry-Free Website Support from Peak Online

Once your business site has been fully optimised, tested and is up and running it’s important to ensure that it’s always performing at its best for customers. Thanks to Peak Online’s extensive website maintenance, Hong Kong businesses can be sure that their website gives the best customer experience at all times. Affordable and responsive, our website maintenance services include error and bug fixing, system and functionality (plugin/extension) updates, SEO web content provision and more. No matter which level of website maintenance you need, you can count on Peak Online to keep your business website performing optimally and delivering results.

How Our Website Maintenance Services Benefit Online Business in Hong Kong

For potential customers, your website is their first point of contact. It’s essential that your website looks and performs at its best at all times if visitors are to get the best first impression of your business. Issues such as stale content, broken links or functionality that doesn’t work can be enough to send visitors to your competitors’ websites. Peak Online provides a range of Hong Kong business support packages that enable you to avoid these issues and keep your online customers satisfied. We’ll supply refreshed content, spot and fix broken links and keep your features working as they should. A well-maintained website builds customer confidence, helping you to win new business.

Get Expert WordPress and Magento Web Maintenance from Peak Online

At Peak Online we provide the services and support you need to keep your business website serving your customers all day, every day. Taking care of everything from software updates to virus protection, you can trust us to keep your site in prime condition. We’re particularly expert when it comes to maintaining websites built on the popular WordPress and Magento platforms. We can continuously monitor your website, safely applying patches and updates as they’re needed, fixing errors before they become major issues and keeping everything secure and operational.

Our Maintenance Services Include

WordPress Website Maintenance

Loss of your WordPress website, even temporarily, could mean the loss of valuable online sales or enquiries. With Peak Online’s WordPress maintenance packages, unplanned downtime is no longer a worry. We can spot and fix errors in real time and update or patch your software and plugins to prevent bugs. We can also protect your website against virus, malware, hacks and other digital nasties.

Magento Website Maintenance

Even though Magento is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms it’s not invincible. Peak Online can keep your site up and running with our range of Magento website maintenance solutions. We can protect your site against viruses and malware, keep software and extensions up to date and detect bugs and errors, fixing them before they can impact your site’s performance.

Website Updating

Updating your website is a job best left to the professionals at Peak Online. The last thing you need is to waste time updating your website which could be spent developing your business, meeting your customers, or on other important tasks which might be neglected if you were updating your own website. We have monthly packages to take care of all your updating needs.

Website Security

It’s vital to keep your website’s data safe and secure around the clock. We can protect your website from malware, viruses and trojans, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. We can continuously monitor the security of your website, responding quickly as soon as potential issues are detected. We can also help if your website has already been hacked or infected by malware.